Bauhaus Museum, Dessau





8,272 m2

5,025 m2



Bauhaus Redefined

The Bauhaus museum of the 21st century is one that facilitates the making of new and meaningful links between the artefacts (events) from the past to potentials (happenings) in the present. The future success of Bauhaus museum lies not only in the continuous intelligent re-organization of the physical institution, but equally if not more importantly, the projection of its presence as a virtual network open to new collaborative modes of connection.


Today, we browse for information through search engines and connect with people via social networks. Similarly, our relationship with the museum and how we interact with it has evolved. People are constantly messaging, photographing, blogging, tagging, uploading their interpretations and making new conversations about what they have seen. This contemporary phenomenon is similar to the continuous curatorial process of re-presentation, re-framing, re-thinking and re-viewing that Bauhaus museum goes through in order to stay relevant and trending.


We propose to conceptualize Bauhaus museum of the 21st century as a physical manifestation of the larger virtual Bauhaus network of informational website/blogsites.