Yeoui-Naru Observatory Ferry Terminal





Seoul Yeoui-Naru

4,300 m2


Meta Architecture, Arup

The Yeoui-Naru Ferry Terminal is located at the symbolic centre of Seoul on Han River at Yeouido. Our site constantly reminds us of the need for man to co-exist with nature, where the Han River provides beautiful scenery throughout the seasons, and also covers Yeoui-Naru Park when it floods.


The new Ferry Terminal cum Observatory is envisioned as a cultural symbol in the form of the Korean National Flower – the Mugunghwa, embodying the enduring spirit of perseverance and unity in the Korean people at a place where city meets nature through a 5-petal Observatory ramp. Welcoming to tourists and Koreans alike, this rising Observatory ramp sits on 5 “lilypad” floating platforms that houses the essential Ferry Terminal functions, and loops back on itself as a continuous scenic route that extends from Yeoui-Naru Park, culminating at a panoramic outdoor viewing terrace looking out across Han River.


The concept of the Mugunghwa further manifests as an integrated masterplan that thrives in times of adversity. Retaining the horizontal expansive quality of the Yeouido Park without blocking views like a conventional bridge, a new five-petal landscape route comprising round platforms embedded in the ground connects the 4 Core Projects, and when Han River floods, it turns into a resilient floating “necklace” bridge of “lilypad” platforms. Yeoui-Naru Ferry Terminal and Masterplan is a symbol of Korea – of perpetual reinvention, thriving and resilience – the Mugunghwa in Seoul.